Logoless YouTube Player

Would you want a YouTube player without their branding?

How to ‘white label’ the YouTube player:

Recently, YouTube created a new feature and highlighted it on their blog.  By adding a string of letters and numbers to the end of your YouTube video’s URL in the html embed code…




… your player is ‘white labeled’.  The difference between the players, although minimal, is noticeable.

The original player had YouTube’s logo in the bottom right corner and if you clicked, it would take you to YouTube’s site to watch the video – like the player above!


Now, you can take the YouTube logo off of the bottom right - like the player below!


With this new line of code added to your video’s embed code, there is only a little bit of text at the top of video to note that this video is hosted by YouTube.

Your viewers are focusing on your brand – not YouTube’s brand.

Let me know what you think – try it for one of your videos!